Grow E-commerce Business in 2021

Grow E-commerce Business in 2021

Over the last two decades, people have been a shift towards online shopping. According to statistics, more than 1.9 billion doing online shopping in 2020. Moreover, there was a huge uptick in online sales resulting from COVID-19.

While a healthy e-commerce marketing strategy will always include such as a mixture of outbound and inbound marketing, with demand and competition peaking in 2021, there’s a slight doubt that now is the time to focus on your e-commerce inbound marketing strategy. It is most useful to increase your return on investment.

Here are some tips to grow the e-commerce business in 2021.

Start by focusing on the customer experience.

Use all of the available tools to analyse how people are using your website. An analytics tool like Google Analytics provides you with all information such as how much time people spend on your site, what pages they are visit, and where they leave your site.

Note down your insights. Then, use these insights to optimize the website structure. That involves making sure your menu is well laid out, and also there are links between your content.

 Build your brand awareness.


Brand awareness must impact trust (which impacts on sales), repeat purchases, and even SEO.

The more people know (and trust) your brand name, then the higher your sales will grow.

To improve brand awareness, focus on quality.

Create high-quality content, consider influencer partnerships, partner with another business in your industry, don’t neglect paid ads, and be active on social media.

Instagram shoppable posts

Over the years, Instagram has grown from time to time in the social media space. Businesses already use Instagram for marketing purposes to reach always new customers.

But with Instagram shoppable posts, forecasts can now buy your products directly on Instagram. This increases the number of inbound visitors to your Instagram store through a whole user experience.

To develop this feature, you have to set up all of your product catalogs on Facebook and then connect to your Instagram business account. After this, you can tag on any product in your posts that your followers can buy.

 Go for mobile-ready to e-Commerce optimized

According to research, in the week around last Thanksgiving, 26% of all online sales referred by affiliates were made from mobile devices. While having a responsive website is a good start, optimizing for mobile commerce requires a more proactive approach to improving your website’s mobile user experience.                                                           

eCommerce website optimization is an ongoing process that will surely pay off as mobile adoption rates continue to rise.

Use Marketing Automation to Offer Special Discounts

This is the main variation of using cross-sells and upsells. You can set up a series of post-purchase emails, even SMS with the correct software. You can set up nurture emails or messages to educate your customers and provide after-sales service. These emails can also include offers of special discounts on the products that will be related to that customer.

This is mainly useful when you sell products for some event or activity that follows an obvious sequence of events, such as marketing items relating to weddings or babies. You could send targeted messages, discounts offers on products suitable for that time.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Another way you can encourage replication business is to ensure that you give the best customer service possible. Remember that the sales process continues past the point of making a sale. As customers generally can’t touch or experience your product before buying, unlike a physical store, you need to reduce customers’ worries by making the purchasing experience as trouble-free as possible for them. You also need to ensure that they have the assurance to purchase from you, knowing that you will help them should somewhat go wrong with their purchase.

Setup for post-purchase automation to upsell, collect feedback from customers, and keep customers coming back

Marketing automation tools such as Active Campaign allow you to set up ‘sequences’ that can educate, nurture, and upsell to customers based on their actions and behavior.

Ask your customers for your service, rating, and also feedback which is more useful to grow your e-Commerce business.

Follow these tips and grow your e-Commerce business in 2021. Feel free to contact us to get the best suggestions for your business growth.  

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